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    The Combi SIM contains all three sizes in one card; Multi SIM, Micro SIM and Nano SIM. This means you can rest assured knowing this will fit your mobile device.


12 Months
8GB Data, Unlimited mins & texts SIM

12 Months
8GB Data, Unlimited mins & texts SIM





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What Are SIM Cards?

A SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card is tiny motherboard that holds vital details such as your phone number and your service provider/network. A couple of years back, SIM cards were the same size as a bank card. Nowadays, SIM's can be as small as your fingertip.

Whatever phone you have, if it does not have a SIM card, after that you will certainly require one in order for the phone to work. Likewise, if you have SIM card and also it does not fit into the phone, after that you will require a substitute sim.

What Are The Various SIM's?

The three dimensions that are still being used are recognized as Standard, Micro as well as Nano.

  • Criterion SIM Card-- The basic SIM (in some cases called Routine SIM) isn't often made use of yet you might require one if you have an older phone or a fundamental phone (often called a function phone). A Requirement SIM has dimensions of 25 15mm and there is a sensible quantity of plastic surrounding the gold-coloured circuit board.
  • Micro SIM Card-- Introduced in June 2010, the Apple iPhone 4 was the very first phone to make use of a Micro SIM. The card has the very same size motherboard as a Conventional SIM however the excess plastic bordering this has actually been gotten rid of. A Micro SIM is often supplied in what is referred to as a Combi SIM. A Combi SIM is a Standard SIM however the central component bordering the motherboard is perforated. This enables you to push the central segment out, offering you a Micro SIM that has measurements of 15 12mm.
  • Nano SIM Card-- Launched during October 2012, the Nano SIM was first made use of by the Apple iPhone 5. Many new smartphones use a Nano SIM, which has measurements of 12.3 8.8 mm.

Which SIM Card Do I Need?

If you have an additional phone then you can take a look at the user's manual for your phone to identify which SIM card is required.

If you order a new SIM card from Asda Mobile then we will send you all three sizes of SIM, to ensure you get the card that you require.

Where is the SIM Card Port Situated?

When your brand-new SIM card gets here, you will require to place it in the phone. The SIM card slot is normally in one of three areas:

  • Under The Back Cover If the back cover is detachable then the SIM card port may show up immediately.
  • Under The Battery If the battery is removable after that the SIM port might be under this.
  • Outside SIM Card Slot If you notice a little cover on the side of the phone with a tiny hole in it, then this might be the SIM card owner. You can make use of the SIM ejector device that is supplied with the phone or a pin to expel the owner. Often these are multi-function owners that also have a slot for you to place a microSD flash memory card.

What Networks?

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